To increase sales and expand sales channels, our company began to do live show on August. Our foreign trade department plan to have 4 times in August, and have 8 times in September. But do you want to know what we do to prepare a live stream? Whatever your answer is, I’d like to tell what we do before a live show?

First, confirm a topic. Every live stream should have a topic or a theme, which is what we talk about. The last three topic of our live stream are New Products of Our Company, In Stock Goods of Our Products and Introduction of Our Office. And about more live show, we are still think about the topic.

Second, create a live stream link and choose suitable items. Cause we have already confirmed a topic, it is easy to choose suitable items. Usually we take 2 pieces for each item and let them in different color, different crafts, and different pump. After putting them group by group, we need popularize this link to social media and welcome our customers to watch this live stream.

Third, we need to prepare what we would talk and have a rehearsal. Cause we need to judge the probable problem during the live stream.


And then, we are all already to have a live stream!