1. What is the PCR material?

PCR material is actually a kind of “Post-Consumer Recycled Material”. PCR materials are “extremely valuable”. The waste plastics produced after circulation, consumption and use can be turned into valuable industrial raw materials through physical or chemical recovery, realizing resource regeneration and recycling.

Such as PET, PE, PP, HDPE and other recycled materials, from the commonly used lunch boxes, shampoo bottles, mineral water bottles, washing machine barrels produced by the waste plastic, after reprocessing, can be used to make new packaging materials of plastic raw materials.

Because PCR materials come from consumption, if not properly treated, is bound to have the most direct impact on the environment, so PCR is one of the recycled plastics recommended by all brands at present.


  1. What is PIR material?

PIR, the full name of post-industrial Recycled material, namely, Industrial plastic recycling, its source is generally generated when the factory injection products nozzle, sub-brand, defective products, etc., because of Industrial production process or process generated materials, commonly known as nozzle material, waste. Straight from the factory, recycled.

In terms of recycling amount, PCR plastic has absolute advantage in quantity. As far as reprocessing quality is concerned, PIR plastic has absolute advantage.


Strictly speaking, both PCR and PIR plastics are recycled plastics that have been mentioned in rubber and plastic circles.


  1. Why PCR plastic “favored”?

a. PCR plastics is one of the important directions to reduce plastic pollution and contribute to “carbon neutrality”

Through the unremitting efforts of generations of chemists and engineers, plastics produced from petroleum, coal and natural gas have become essential materials for human life because of their light weight, durability and beauty. However, the extensive use of plastic also leads to the production of a large amount of plastic waste. Post-consumption recycling (PCR) of plastics has become one of the important directions to reduce plastic environmental pollution and help the chemical industry to move towards “carbon neutrality”.


b. Use of PCR plastics to further promote waste plastic recycling

The more companies that use PCR plastic, the greater the demand, which will further improve the recycling of waste plastic, but also gradually change the recycling model and business operation of waste plastic, meaning that less waste plastic is buried, burned and in the natural environment.

c. Policies to promote

The policy space for PCR plastics is opening up.

Take Europe for example, the EU plastic strategy, the UK and Germany and other countries plastic and packaging tax legislation. UK Revenue and Customs, for example, has introduced a “plastic packaging tax” of £200 per tonne for packaging of less than 30% recycled plastic. Through taxation and policies, the demand space for PCR plastics has been opened.


From September 4 to 6, the 58th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo and Alibaba 1688 Source New Factory Goods Festival, which has long been expected by millions of beauty industry people, was grandly held in guangzhou Canton Fair Hall! The endless flow of people, lively conversation, this is a busy brilliant, unlimited business opportunities of the day.

The scale of this exhibition has been upgraded and expanded again, with more than 300,000 square meters of super large indoor exhibition space gathering more than 5,000 exhibitors and enterprises. The whole industry chain of 30+ ace exhibition hall in ABC area covers more than 10,000 beauty products — professional, daily chemical, supply and comprehensive categories are fully enabled. There are also 7 features “Exhibition within exhibition” and over 40 forums and events. A more beautiful, more professional, more accurate, more vertical, updated and more fashionable global super beauty industry event is blooming in front of the beauty industry.

Condenses the global beauty industry people’s passion, blood and hope, this beauty expo accumulates steadily, gathers the new momentum and gathers the new energy, carries on the higher innovation planning in the exhibit extension, the exhibition scale, the transaction effect, the brand construction and other aspects, the exhibitors together “new” to build a prosperous category grand ceremony.

The five daily chemical exhibition halls in Area A continue the current hot spots and trends of the beauty industry, and carry out breakthrough innovation. For example, hall 3.2 opens up an exhibition area for overseas fashion brands, and actively responds to the rising trend of China fashion by including selected brands of China fashion; 4.2 The Pavilion has created an international exhibition area for Daily chemicals and a new brand ecological alliance on Tmall. This “whirlwind” of international and e-commerce amazes the audience at the first touch. 1.2 The museum has a new factory goods museum at 1688 Source, which selects hundreds of manufacturers on the 1688 platform with both OEM/ODM processing and customization and one piece of OEM and wholesale capacity to accurately lock good sources of goods; 5.2 Incense and fragrance exhibition area, gathering global information, helping industry people accurately connect with aroma resources.

The 8 supply chain pavilions in Zone A have further upgraded their production service system with deep iteration and deep involvement. Thousands of leading, high-quality upstream enterprises from the production of raw materials, OEM/ODM/OBM OEM, packaging material design, mechanical equipment and other aspects, push more flexible service mode. 8.1 The Pavilion has also carefully built the high-end boutique exhibition area of China’s personal care products industry, gathering more than 300 domestic and foreign high-quality brands and suppliers of personal care products raw materials to revitalize the industry from the source.

The 12 professional exhibition halls in Zone B focus on beauty, body beauty, medical care, big health and other fields, focusing on skin care products, oral beauty products, high-end anti-aging products, high-end beauty instruments, light medical beauty favored by young female consumers in China, and displaying brands in one zone with multiple touch points. 11.1 The CMHE International Medical and Health Expo focuses on the global famous high-end medical and big health brands, sharing the multi-trillion market opportunities of American medicine across industries.

Area C 5 “three beauty” zone fusion trend nail beauty eyelash tattoo galleries and light luxury fashion gift custom galleries, beautiful life hall, shantou, guangzhou panyu jewelry pavilion multiple fashion “exhibition stage”, nail beauty eyelash tattoo, clothing technology gifts, jewelry industry and so on more than 30 subdivision category brings more than creative fingertips art and cutting-edge fashion design, Borderless development trend is unusually strong.

To increase sales and expand sales channels, our company began to do live show on August. Our foreign trade department plan to have 4 times in August, and have 8 times in September. But do you want to know what we do to prepare a live stream? Whatever your answer is, I’d like to tell what we do before a live show?

First, confirm a topic. Every live stream should have a topic or a theme, which is what we talk about. The last three topic of our live stream are New Products of Our Company, In Stock Goods of Our Products and Introduction of Our Office. And about more live show, we are still think about the topic.

Second, create a live stream link and choose suitable items. Cause we have already confirmed a topic, it is easy to choose suitable items. Usually we take 2 pieces for each item and let them in different color, different crafts, and different pump. After putting them group by group, we need popularize this link to social media and welcome our customers to watch this live stream.

Third, we need to prepare what we would talk and have a rehearsal. Cause we need to judge the probable problem during the live stream.


And then, we are all already to have a live stream!

Our sales company Guangzhou Zhongyong Plastic Products Co., Ltd attended the 2018 Dubai Beautyworld Exhibition from 8th May to 10th May, 2018. Many clients from all over the world attended this exhibition and visted our booth. We negotiated the projects on site and achieved good cooperation intention.

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