We have a one-day exhibition in Guangzhou on 5th, August. It’s about cross-border e-commerce on Alibaba.  The topic of the exhibition is Speed shapes the Future, it means that speed is a critical factor in the cross-borader e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce is a irreversible megatrend in the future. So both we should seeze the chance and take good use of our platform to be the top in the industrial.

The exhibition held in the Boly World Trade Center. Half of the pavilion is a lecture hall, and the other part is boothes for our exhibitors.  With forehead-decoration, our booth is small but bright. Several posters showed our new products and wooden boards on three walls were our temperory shelves showed our representative products. One glass tesk with four chairs in the middle of the booth is our negotiated tesk.

Some of the visitors were the audience if the lecture, they come to the booth in their relaxed time. Some might be other exhibitors, they wanted to find some packaging material for their products. All of them were well welcomed to our booth, and we had good conversation. We ontroduced our products, our advantages and our factories. And gave them our product catalogue for reference.

Though it was only a one-day exhibition, we prepared very carefully and abundantly. Affected by COVID-19, international exhibitions almost conceled. So we cherish every exhibition and take it serious, hoping expand our trade channel and cooperated contries. Like the solgan of this exhibition–Make the world smaller and business scale larger, we also want to expand our forsign business more properous.