In this cool autumn wind, fruit fragrance in September, many enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, but accidentally into the difficult situation of shutdown production.

Many industrial enterprises in Guangdong province were required to switch peak power consumption to “three stop four” or even “two stop five” or “one stop six”, which greatly affected the normal production and operation activities of enterprises. As of September 23, Guangdong province’s unified maximum load demand reached 141 million kw, up 11% from last year’s peak load, and the load has reached seven record highs.

This situation has caused the attention of relevant departments. On September 25, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that Guangdong Provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to the situation and will carefully organize and take effective measures to actively cope with the recent power supply shortage. On September 26, Guangdong Provincial Energy Bureau and Guangdong Power Grid jointly issued a proposal, requiring party and government organs and public institutions at all levels in the province to take the lead in practicing green and energy-saving office work, setting the refrigeration temperature of air conditioners at no less than 26℃, and stopping the use of elevators in office buildings of 3 floors and below. Propose the province’s industrial and commercial enterprises to actively participate in saving electricity, support and cooperate with orderly implementation of electricity; Citizens are encouraged to adopt a moderately frugal, green and low-carbon family lifestyle.

On September 26, a business owner in Dalingshan Town, Dongguan, told reporters that he had received the start of work information pushed by the power supply department early in the morning, indicating that the power plant in the province under the coordination of the provincial government before the holiday has increased, the peak shift index decreased, some enterprises canceled the peak shift holiday on September 26, can normal production. “In other words, it’s gone from ‘on and off for six’ to ‘on and off for two and off for five.’ Hopefully, it’s getting better.”

A customer service manager of Dongguan power supply department said that they were being informed to attend a meeting, and the scope of enterprises may be expanded from “open one stop six” to “open two stop five”. He said that recently, the arrangement of wrong peak is more and more sudden, and the change is more and more big, so now the notice of wrong peak is subject to the short message notice of the power supply Bureau, please check the information in time and make personnel arrangements.