Although the pandemic has restricted international business travel, the MakeUp in New York just ended last weekend. Due to travel restrictions, the show was almost 100%” made in America “, BeautySourcing site staff feedback: It was almost impossible to see the Chinese exhibitors there.

This year, many exhibitors are introducing safer products, such as Lumson’s TAL (Techno Airless ALuminum) series, which is a combination of technological innovation and functional Airless packaging, perfectly meeting the needs of the current beauty market: safety and sustainability. “This collection is designed to use aluminium as the main packaging material in addition to our traditional vacuum system. The vacuum system maximizes the stability of the internal formula, while aluminum is more environmentally friendly and offers a wider choice of finishes, “said Lumson Field manager. “We called this collection Touchless.”

“Reusable” and “recyclable” beauty Packaging is a perennial issue. APC Packaging’s replaceable inner cream cans and single-material dropper bottles represent the beauty industry’s progress towards sustainable Packaging. “In addition to this product, which has a replaceable core that reduces tons of plastic waste, this year we’re also introducing a single material dropper and dropper bottle, both of which we’re thrilled to have received the MakeUp in New York IT Award.”

Fashion is a cycle, this year to see many enterprises have taken the route of retro, BeautySourcing interviewed some exhibitors, said that this may be related to the Vintage Makeup Compilation on TikTok this year, BeautySourcing site staff feedback. “This year’s FM Brush collection is inspired by classical oil paintings,” says Jacqueline, sales director of FM Brush. “The Brush shapes and bristles are designed to follow the style of the Brush, and the handles are randomly dyed with paint. Each one is unique.”

BeautySourcing global promotion plan has been launched, and suppliers have been exposed a lot at this exhibition. The above is first-hand information from the American market. Next, we will go to several international exhibitions such as Luxe Monaco, Beauty Istanbul, And InterCHARM Russia.